it never rained in san antonio... as much as i wanted thunderstorms and rain, it was hot and dry nearly every day. so a week of cool, wet days here has been so nice.

it rained all night so this morning i put annika in the stroller and we walked to the grocery store on the corner. i took an umbrella just in case we got caught in a downpour, and we did! i wasn't sure if it wook freak annika out, but she was squealing and slapping the wet tray on the stroller with delight.

it started coming down hard so i knelt beside her on the sidewalk and covered the stroller with my mom's oversized kitten-covered humane society umbrella. we were enjoying ourselves but i kept getting shocked and concerned glares from the passing cars, so i finally caved and called josh to come to our rescue.

while we waited, a few people came by on bicycles (getting completely soaked) and as they passed they said to annika, "isn't this fun?!" i was glad i wasn't completely insane to be enjoying it.

i sure hope annika will grow up loving the rain like mommy. seems were off to a good start!


  1. wow sounds like so much fun! you are such a good mommy. those are the days memories are made of. just wait until she can run and splash and dance in the rain with you...

  2. awww! she's loving it!


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