we've all been learning a lot lately. My husband is learning new things in school, i've been learning new things at work and we've both been learning more about ourselves and God as we try to figure things out. i, in particular, have realized lately how much "stock" i put in myself and my independence and individuality. i'm learning (again, for the millionth time) that my truest and best self is the one that is the emptiest of...well, self. and despite my immaturity in this, he loves me for who i am right now and not some future version of me.

but lets be honest, here. you all want to hear about annika :) that little toddler is learning new things every day and it constantly shocks us. we expect her to learn only the things that we teach her, but she picks things up on her own and surprises me when we walk through an aisle of dog toys and she points and says "ball!" or when we jokingly tell her to throw something away and she walks into the kitchen and does it.

i am trying to take advantage of the weather and get her outside often, and i am so glad to see that she loves it. she'll reach to the sky and "feel the sunshine", gather acorns in her little purse, dig in the grass for twigs and leaves and try to stack smooth little stones in the backyard. a few days ago, we were watching the rain and she was reaching so hard off the porch to try to feel it, so i thought - "why not?" i set her down in the driveway and she giggled and turned in circles, splashing the puddles with her bare feet and trying to feel the raindrops in her hand.

i want so badly, as she grows, to teach her to see God in all that.

for now, though... i love just getting to see her find joy in these simple things. 


  1. so sweet. Audrey LOVES the rain. She holds her arms out to feel the rain but wants a hat on so it doesnt get in her eyes lol.

  2. i can't get over how absolutely incredibly cute she is. :) love ya'll :)


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