To my husband, on his Birthday

I used to lie awake at night and dream of life ahead
How odd and weird that it would be to one day share my bed
How strange that there should be someone, lying in that place
How strange to wake and see beside me someone else's face

My normal meals, my single meals, wont be enough to share
How odd that I might soon be always cooking for a pair
And I'd always loved those slow and simple days that felt like "mine"
But eventually I'd have to learn to freely share my time

So many things divided, so many things to share
I'd lie awake and wonder if "he" was out there anywhere
My lovely theif, the one who'd come and steal my heart away
And with it all my room in bed, my food, my single days

I didn't understand then, there was no need to divide
Because now that you my "thief" have come, my life has multiplied
The bed seems all too big when I am cuddled next to you
The meals seem so much fuller now that I can cook for two

The lonely, lovely days I thought I'd miss when I was "wife"
have multiplied their loveliness -- I love to share my life.
I love that you are here beside me every single day
and how our kitchen table is the floor, and thats okay

You do not steal the covers (you say thats what I do)
But even if you did I'd still love sleeping next to you
For three sweet years you and I have been a lovely pair
Happy Birthday, love, we've still got so much more ahead to share!


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