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Just a little news...

Our trip has been wonderful so far.  I've fully unpacked my things into closets and drawers, hung my jewelry on the random nails in the wall of my room, and locked myself out of the house twice.  The first was pretty dramatic and ridiculous, the second simply involved knocking loudly until our company came to my rescue.  I'll let you know how the third and forth go.

San Diego is really beautiful and Lindsay's house is adorable.  We can crank open the 1950's windows all day long and sunshine lights up the house pretty well.  Its nice to have a big backyard for Annika to explore throughout the day.  I love picking fruit from the lemon and avocado tree, Annika loves trying to climb the little stone wall in the back and picking dandelions and discovering lady bugs.  We both enjoy cheering on Lindsay's dog Grover while he runs psychotically excited laps around the yard. 

It almost makes me want a dog.  Almost.

Still no word on baby Gemma's arrival... we recently had a hospital visit in which I got to see her a little bit on an ultrasound, but no baby or any real signs of labor yet.  Scott doesn't come home until next Friday, so we're all hoping she waits just a little while longer. 

Until then, we've got plenty to still do around the house with the nursery and unpacking and such.  And maybe a few more trips to In-N-Out or the dog beach?


  1. wait are you in Florida, the Sunshine State? or California, the Golden State? haha.

    -your know-it-all husband.

  2. yay can't wait for videos :)


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