Hardwood Floors and Avocados

This morning I ate an avocado from the backyard, and it really was the prettiest avocado I've ever seen.  I was thinking how it will be sad to no longer have access to home-grown avocados and lemons, but then was happy to remember that I'll be returning soon to my Arkansas-fresh milk and eggs.  And an oven, and 3 pounds of butter in the fridge, and a rolling pin, and..... I think maybe I miss cooking with my own stuff :)

But even without an oven or my familiar "tools", Lindsay and I have been able to share some good meals.  Can't do biscuits or bread for breakfast, but we can do pancakes and eggs! Can't do cakes or brownies, but I just made a table top full of those oatmeal no-bake cookies!

And we've also had pizza and In-N-Out :)

The big event just around the corner (besides the baby) is that Scott comes home tonight from the UAE.  Lindsay didn't sleep last night for the excitement.  She keeps saying how fun it will be to watch him relax around his friends again and "laugh until he cries."  I think its sweet how willing she is to share his attention and affection for this short time of being home, for the sake of him enjoying it to the fullest.  True love.

Next week, though, is baby week.  Lindsay is 39 weeks and 2 days today, and she is determined to give birth before Annika and I leave.  We've got some common natural induction methods in mind, and if those don't work, I plan to make her jog around the block a few times.  She's so ready for Gemma to arrive (and to not be pregnant anymore), she might even be up for it!

I can't believe the trip is already half over.  I know its felt much longer for my husband back home, but things are moving so fast out here.  Every day is full of chores and errands and preparations and American Idol. 

And as pleasant as things have been, next week will be even better!


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