Skipping Class

Perhaps its the fact that I'm emotionally preparing for how busy these next few weeks are going to be, or perhaps its just the fact that cannot mature past a high-schooler mentality of simply loving to skip out on things and stay home.  (Flashback to X-treme Camp 2003, me and the girls hiding under our blankets in the cabin so that we didn't have to participate in competitive sports.  Or flashback to Francis Crawford dorm, me and my roommate blowing off class in order to watch Anne of Green Gables and eat frosted flakes.)  The introvert in me, and apparently in most of my girlfriends, occasionally just needs time to stay behind and stay home!

So anyways, today was another one of those days.  Annika and I stayed in pajamas and cleaned house, read books together, ate too many chocolate chip cookies.  I switched out my summer dresses for cozy fall sweaters, Annika "booped" all her dolls and dinosaurs. (Which means she scanned them with the new toy cash register that I found at the thrift store for $1.75!  Its her favorite thing.) This kind of afternoon is perfect in our old house full of open windows and noisy trees.  We had leftovers for lunch and plan to have cheap pizza for dinner, so even my kitchen duties are slack today.

But its too beautiful of a day to stay inside totally, so we packed up her tricycle and drove across the street to the duck pond.  Okay, I know its technically a cemetery, but I plan to always refer to it as our "duck pond," thankyouverymuch.  I  thought the ducks would be frightened by a toddler on a tricycle, but they actually sauntered lazily around us in circles while she pedaled back and forth in a short line.  Annika can't be near water without wanting to throw stuff into it, however, so we spent most of our time hunting for small rocks to splash into the pond.  It was a short trip, but not so short that I didn't get some pictures!

Annika's own photography here.  Starting her early!


  1. Can I just say that I love that you're a mom that lets her daughter eat too many chocolate chip cookies? Sometimes it is just needed.

  2. You're just about the coolest mom ever. ;) can I come play?!


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