Every Girl Needs a Funny Guy

Recently we had a visit from one of our very best mutual friends from college, Hoss Aaron.  Aaron knew my husband and I before we even knew each other, back when he DJ-ed his own pirate radio station out of his basement with homemade antennas.  I heard my husband's voice and name on Cain FM before we ever met, and I watched Beavis and Butthead and Napolean Dynamite in Hoss's basement when I felt like I needed to escape campus.  (Sorry, Aaron, I can't help it.  If I'm reminiscing, its just gotta be "Hoss"! lol.)  And of course, Aaron was the DJ for our wedding....a.k.a the BEST.DANCE.PARTY.EVER.

So, anyways, he's a guy that's always welcome in our house and we were happy to have him for a couple of days.  And Annika got such a kick out of him.  She loved all his crazy sound effects and funny voices and random shouting.  When we visited the farm together, she introduced him: "This is my funny guy."

Of course he educated her in proper dance music and how to fist pump to the beat.  Can you see her face here?  Please take a closer look. She is feelin' it.

We tried to get Aaron to stay another night, but alas, people have lives beyond us.  (Although I can't really believe it.)  But, he's actually looking for an IT job, so if you've got the hook up, let us know.

Its always fun to have good company!


  1. Tell him hit me up and let me know what area of IT he's looking for. We have a pretty wide variety of needs at Acxiom right now.


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