This is technically Annika's fourth Halloween:  At 1 month, she was a kitty cat.  At 1 year, a giraffe.  At 2 years, a princess (my mom's pick).  This year, our little 3 year old was Dorothy.

We had been reading Wizard of Oz together and she loved Dorothy.  Even though she started getting scared of the Wicked Witch about half-way through the book and we quit reading, I'd already commissioned a girlfriend to sew up the adorable Dorothy dress so we were in for keeps.  (And that girlfriend's sweet mommy gave Annika red slippers for her birthday!)

She still loved it, and totally enjoyed her first real Halloween party and first real trick-or-treating experience.  I'll let the pictures say the rest. :) Words couldn't describe her cuteness anyways.

Daddy was the tornado, I was Auntie Em, Nona was the Wicked Witch. :)

Ruby Slippers

Trick-or-treating at the nursing home

My favorite.  Maybe ever.


  1. So funny that y'all did a Wizard of Oz theme! So did we!! Joshua was the lion, Jeremiah was the scarecrow, and I was the wicked witch. ;) (I just wanted to wear the witch hat!) ;) lol. Anyways, both boys ended up being sick so we just dressed up at home but Joshua had a blast chasing us around the house and scaring us with his "Roar!" yall's costumes are adorable! I cracked up at Josh's tornado! :P And I think Annika has Judy Garland beat as the cutest Dorothy!


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