Bringing Sexy Back

I think this blinking cursor is taunting me.  Mocking me with its flashy stand-still every time I stop typing and delete stuff.


Its been a while, and I actually feel kind of weird about blogging now.  There are so many blogs out there, so many stay-at-home Christian moms of youngins' trying to creatively educate and cook healthy meals and share their big life lessons. Sorry, Bare Tribe, it's been done.  But, I'm not really trying to blog for a big audience or gain some sort of online community.  I started writing here so that my closet friends and family could get a more personal glimpse of what was happening in our lives.  And because I super-love writing.

But there's been so much happening lately, so much to share, and I'm so far behind in sharing any of it.  And even though I totally believe that whats written on a blog can inspire/challenge/encourage someone for good, its still more of an "over-a-cup-of-coffee" thing than a "put-it-online" thing.

So lets just start where we are, shall we?  Blog Perfection Pressure aside, I'd like to get back in the swing of things and just share of little of what life has been like lately.

After a busy and wonderful Christmas, we came back home to a cold, dark, lovely, waiting-for-us little house.  I began redecorating immediately.  We filled a box with old toys, clothes, and other items and made room for new Christmas gifts. By that evening, we were drinking our Alaskan coffee (gift from the Housers) and watching Monsters Inc.(gift from Nona) by our fake electric fire.  It was nice.

We had a whole week before my husband'ss vacation time was over and that was really nice.  He had to leave for his internship shortly after we moved in last summer, so we had never really had much free time together in this house.  We took naps, had dance parties with Annika, watched movies, went hiking, shared meals with friends.  He even did the dishes quite a few times. I was sad to see him lace up his new shoes to head out on Tuesday, but knew it was probably for the best.  He'll have less hours and a better schedule this year, so maybe it will be a pleasant improvement.

We're still unsure about what our summer plans will be.  There are currently three possibilities for another internship within Boeing and we'd be thankful for any of them.  There's one in particular that he is really hoping for and that would put us in Seattle again.  For now though, just waiting.

The biggest and perhaps most uninteresting news is that we've made some new commitments for our eating habits.  I've always cared about healthy choices and home cooking and all that, but now that my husband is on board, we can really make some big changes.  (Thank you Food, Inc. for finally convincing my husband of what I never could!)  I'm talking local and organic meats, vegetarian meals, kale-for-breakfast kind of changes.  If I was one of those big time bloggin' gals, I would say that I'll be posting pictures and recipes of all our new endeavors, but alas, this is just our Bare Tribe.   I don't feel super motivated to commit to anything like that.

Now, I'm sure that my "stay-at-home Christian mom trying to creatively educate and cook healthy meals and share my life lessons" will rear its pretty lil' head occasionally, but mostly I hope to just share our life.  And I always feel so honored that you loved ones out there care to share it with us!

P.S.  I titled this "Bringing Sexy Back" because I could think of nothing else, and also because it'd make you want to read it.  ;)


  1. hey i found this (really commercial) blog this morning but she has LOTS of recipes you would probably like:
    :) roomie

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. they're all under "recipeas" but her current post on chicken noodle soup is really informative. and gross. but good to know!

  4. I applaud your embrace of blogging imperfection :) That was the only way to convince myself to start again. I feel ya, though!

  5. hey! looove the one in front of the doors ;)


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