How-To with Annika #2: How to Ride a Skateboard

Unlike our chicken video, this little how-to was completely unplanned.  The two of us were playing in the yard one day, killing time before a pool play-date, and Annika had just recently bought herself a tiny  skateboard from the garage sale we hosted.

She was having a great time doing tricks and being her cutie/know-it-all self while she told me how I should ride a skateboard, even though it was pretty much the first time she'd ever played with one.  I had my camera handy, so I just started filming.  I hadn't even finished editing the first video by the time I already had this one up my sleeve. ;)

My good friend the radio DJ, Aaron Holman, added some catchy background music to our last video but this one lacks such post-production fanciness because I already had Mafikizolo blasting from the car.  (He did help me straighten out my audio issues though, so thank you to DJ Hoss- Annika's funny guy!)

Without further ado, here's our second How-To with Annika video!


  1. Hahaha!! This is so cute! I think Annika is a little older than my daughter, and watching this gives me a glimpse of what she will be like 6 months from now. Lyddie is a lot like Annika in the kind of jabber she does, the same kind of squirmy dance moves, and the same kind of know-it-all style! Really adorable!


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