Introducing: How-To with Annika

There was a morning not too long ago when Annika was at the table eating oatmeal and I was playing on the computer, making adjustments to this blog.  She was minding her own business, but I kept glancing over at her, all by herself eating breakfast.  So sweet in her little pajamas and sleepy eyes and messy curls.  I was really hoping to post something that morning, but I finally just clicked off the monitor and went and sat down next to her.

As we chatted, she told me, "Nona doesn't know how to make oatmeal.  But I do.  It's so easy.  You just get some oats... and then you pooooour the hot water on top (she was acting this out while she explained) and then you stir, stir, stir...." and she went on to tell me all the steps.  I just smiled and watched her, thinking how she was of course adorable, but also thinking how she really enjoys explaining things.  She loves to be a big girl and she loves to teach.

My brain started stormin' and pretty soon Annika and I were both on a roll making a list of all the different how-to videos she could do for mommy's blog.

There's a few reasons that I got really excited about the possibility of this new little series.  

1. My friends and family love her, and they love watching her do just about anything.
2. It's something that turns her and I into partners, and that's just fun.
3. I like the idea of recognizing a small talent/interest in her personality and helping her develop it.
4. It's a clever way to share ideas about different ways that our little ones can feel like "experts." 
5. It's possible that these videos might actually motivate/inspire some other kid viewers in some way.

So, there you have it.  The story of how "How-To with Annika" was born.  And guess what?  I already have our first video made.  But it's not quite ready for the blog.  Or rather...the blog isn't quite ready for it.  

But the plan is that Annika's first video is going to debut early next week, right here on the Baer Tribe blog. And in honor of Clementine, we've decided to open with something that she got very skilled with not too long ago.

So, get ready, folks, 'cause you're 'bout to learn "How to Pick Up a Chicken"!


  1. That picture? Adorable. I am so excited to learn how to pick up a chicken! :)


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