Making a House a Home

If you read my last post, you know I've been struggling just a bit with feeling at peace here in Seattle.  Luckily, I know myself well and I know a huge part of feeling content here will be how I feel about and in our home.  See, I have this "skill", and its basically true that if we lived in a cardboard box, ours would have curtains and a doormat. It's a blessing and a curse, actually, because as much as my husband loves a clean, peaceful home... he's not thrilled about my physical need for things to look and feel pleasant.  I'll confess: I'm always trying to balance between a healthy desire to build a beautiful home/refuge for my family and an unhealthy need to be surrounded by lovely things.

Since we just have a a small little square of living space here in downtown, it's not really a huge issue.  I packed a small basket of frames and decorative things and the rest has been easy to find at thrift stores and Ross.  With just enough tea cups, some soft lighting, and a few pictures from home, I'm actually starting to feel at home.  We even decorated the walk-in closet because it's the only spot where Annika can sleep undisturbed and it serves as her bedroom/playroom. $2.29 at Walgreens for a white poster and crayons = sweet afternoon of family "interior design."  :)

I'm trying to remind myself that this is temporary and it's okay if the place feels unfinished and bare.  But at the same time, I'm also trying to remind myself that our time here is real.  We are here in Seattle for a purpose and whether it be our influence in someone else's lives or just the memories we are building in our own lives, these couple of months here are real and significant.  Like always, we fight the temptation to just survive and exist our days, but rather live them to the fullest.  And in peace.  And with joy.


  1. You did good sweetheart! Remember...home is where your heart is! I've often pondered whether or not I could actually "go" & be a real missionary...but I, like you, love to be surrounded by my pretty things. So I think I would really be homesick for my surroundings. Besides my spiritual gifts are administration and prayer & a few others, BUT NOT MISSIONS! LOL

    In getting ready for our "once in a lifetime move" I had to give up so much of the things that were so dear to me. I don't ever want to have to do that again. Now I'm being so overly selective of what goes in our new home-almost to the OCD end of the spectrum. But God still provides in all my choices.

    It would be lovely if y'all could come to the beach for a long weekend! xoxox's Miss Alicia


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