At the Farm

I'm seeking the milk and honey in the Every Day.  In the Now. In those slow-moving moments that Ann Voskamp calls "heavy." Heavy like glory.

It's all a part of this temple-dwelling, milk-and-honey-seeking, eyes-for-the-beauty kind of life I'm longing for. Living in the moments and loving them deeply.

Today was milk and honey, for sure...

Living in Seattle last summer lit a spark in me and suddenly I am anticipating city life.  Its like there was this personality in me that I didn't even know existed.  But there is something about a farm, there will always be something about a farm, that makes me feel "right" inside.  Something about the smells and the light and the air.  The way Annika can get her hands a good kind of dirty and get nose-to-nose with a chicken.  

Being outdoors seems to ignite something in them.

And maybe it's just my bias for these girls, but I think the fresh air and sun makes things beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.


  1. Love this. Pics are super lovely, too! :)

  2. Beautiful sentiments, Britney. And those girls are so stinkin' cute!

    1. Thanks, Tim. And I'd have to agree about the cuteness thing ;)


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