In His Time: An Adoption Story and Video

It's almost 10 p.m. but it feels like 3 a.m. 

We've been driving for two days and just crashed into our dark, cold living room with all our luggage and dirty clothes only a few hours ago.  Last night we slept on a plastic mattress and this morning we had heat-lamp, gas station burritos for breakfast.  (I don't know what we were thinking. Next time, I'll suck it up and we'll hit the McDonalds drive-thru.)

The past few hours have been a mix of college basketball, throwing piles of clothes into the laundry, and an impromptu tea party with cranberries and water.

Cuddles was in solitary confinement for the past week, so she is running circles around the playroom and stealing cranberries like the happiest rat in the world.

We're glad to be home.  We always are.  

But we feel a stretching in our hearts because we had such a special time last week.  We loved our days in Arizona, full of slow-moving contentment and celebration, and we loved finally kissing the little face that we've hoped and prayed and asked for.

My last visit to Arizona was so different.  

Everything is going to be so different now, in a beautiful way.

But this season of fulfillment and celebration did not come easily or quickly, and our brother and sister (my husband's sister and her husband) are an image of the joy that can be birthed out of faithfulness and suffering and trust.

We have been honored to share with them the deep, beyond-understanding joy that comes with trials.  

And now we get to share this!

The video above is a little tribute I made to Micah and April's story, and to our new baby nephew!


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