Wholly a mess - or a holy mess?

Being holy seems like such a big deal. Such a big, impossible deal.

Holy.  The word itself has this strange weight to it. Like an all-encompassing, great, big, whole thing that we are aspiring to be. Perfect and holy.

But if anyone else feels like admitting it, let’s just say it together: I feel anything but holy sometimes.

I don’t know where to even begin with trying to be perfect.  I’m so messed up sometimes, so unstable in my emotions and so selfish with my time and so irrational in my thoughts. On a Tuesday night, I may feel full of love and peace and self-control, and by Wednesday morning I am scrubbing bacon grease off a pan and feeling depressed and swearing under my breath about the nail I just broke.

If I am wholly anything, I am wholly a mess.

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