Psalm 130: The God Who Sees

Psalm 130.

It is a "song of ascent" and it begins with a bursting.

Out of the depths, breaking the silence, crying out and up to the God who hears and the God who sees.

El Roi.

I remember Hagar crouched in the wilderness of the desert and the bleak uncertainty of her life, surprised by the God of Seeing who met her there.  "Truly I have seen him who looks after me," she says.

And we crouch in that same harsh and awful dryness, knowing that it is too much.  The depths are too deep.  The dark is too dark.

Before the Lord, who could ever stand?

But he is a God who hears and listens.  He sees the woman, desperate and alone, and he meets and forgives and promises hope. And she names him El Roi, and calls the place "the well of the Living One who sees me."

He is El Roi who sees us here, in these depths. 

And so we can ascend.

Instead of crouching, we climb.  Like watchmen in their tower with eyes lifted and steady on that horizon.

Quiet. Waiting. Knowing.

We put our hope in nothing else but that sure dawn.  Because his love is steady and his redemption plentiful and we wait for the next bursting out, like so many lights and colored skies of morning. 

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  1. I love how you started this post...such a great visual of "out of the depths, breaking the silence." I think that's especially appropriate for this time of year when we can see spring around the corner & everything is starting to "wake up."

    1. Oh and how I long for so many senses of the word. Thanks for coming by, Lindsay! Headed over to your link-up now. :)


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