The Story of Us Right Now

There are so many ways in which life is hard to describe these days.  It's fun to try and describe it, and I often write mini-blogs in my head as I go about the day (or night) doing all the million little things that fill my existence right now.  But its all so blurry, even now, four months after Michael was born.  It's all so slow and uneventful, and yet our worlds and souls are changing, right there under the surface.

So much is different and it will keep on changing. Life will never again look the way it does for us right now, right in the thick of all this hard, beautiful, sanctifying change.

And that's why I was so thankful when my professional-photographer-best-friend came to visit and blessed us with these pictures. Because they are so much more to me than just pictures, they are the story of us right now.

They are the fun, playful bond between Annika and her Daddy. She wants to be strong and cool and just like him.

They are the soft chub of Michael's cheeks pressed against mine because that's the way he likes to be held. And his thoughtful "scowl" that we're always laughing at.

They are the muted sunlight in tall, dark Washington evergreens and memories of rainy winds chasing us out of the woods. 

They are the way Annika is becoming my little woman.  The way she is learning to listen and trust my words more than ever, and yet still learning to not need me quite so much.

They are me and Josh, in this together, laughing and knowing that beneath all the sleepless nights and long commutes and PTA meetings and "it's pizza for dinner again"... we are so grateful to be exactly where we are right now.


  1. A beautiful family. Michael is a adorable and Annika is so stinkin' cute I could gobble her up. Thank you for letting us witness your blessings.


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