Hey there. I'm Britney and this little blog space is my constant work-in-progress experiment. I've called it "Bare Tribe" because it's our story, the story of our tribe, but also because I'm learning to tell the naked truth.

The truth is that we are wanderers in so many ways.

We are people that believe in milk and honey and all of God's promises, and yet we are a people with our bare feet still in this hot, earthy sand.

I feel like every day is a lesson in manna. 

But the good news is that I'm not lost.  I'm not stuck traveling the same dusty circles (at least not always) and these wildernesses, in our lives and in my heart, are always brushing up against eternity. 

The milk and honey are here, flowing in and out of all the stories.  So I keep telling them, which I've found makes it even sweeter.

And when our stories allign? When our hunger gets stirred or even filled by the stories of another? Well, it doesn't get more delicious than that.

If you want to connect, you can email me at britneybaer@gmail.com.  


  1. YES! I have caught a glimpse of Him through you. And for that I am VERY thankful. I found you through Intagram. I delight in your daughter's magnetic adorableness and the simple beauty that you chose to focus on in life. It's good stuff! A while back I followed over to your blog and subscribed- only reading when new content lead me here. But this morning, I was prompted to intentionally seek out encouragement here- because I knew I'd find it. Encouragement from your words has restored my desire to keep pressing on- I woke up feeling the most brokenhearted I've felt in my entire life. Rough night- to say the least. Truly only God can understand my brokenness so it doesn't even make sense to explain the 'why'. To the world everything about where I'm at says "you have nothing to complain about" and yet, when God is doing a work He works where work needs to be done. Where we allow him to take what we don't have and add Himself. I clicked on (Brokeness) thinking only that I could definitely relate at the moment. I was desperate to rid myself of the physical pain from my current brokenness. Couldn't' bring myself to talk to God about it and that scared me. Although I have suffered a miscarriage and grown in my faith because of it (and so many other points of vulnerability along the years)- I find myself right back at that description- broken. And I'm SO tired of it. I need God. You and your words have carried me from my brokenness and numbness - right back to at least, a desire to AGAIN take it to God and force myself to be in His word. That is invaluable. So, this day will be better for it. I hope you will see how big of an impact you have on others because of your willingness to let Him work through you.

  2. You have a beautiful story and you are a beautiful writer. I am very much looking forward to following you and learning more.


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