this past week in pictures

We were hit pretty hard last week with nasty, funky, general bad-feelin'-ness.  We passed around runny noses, fevers, coughs, and even pink-eye (which thankfully Annika avoided!).  So, needless to say, we spent a lot of time indoors until just recently hitting the much-anticipated "full family recovery" mark.  Here's a few pictures from the week:

Annika took this picture (I helped a little)

Annika took this picture without any help at all! :)

Finger painting = happy indoor fun

She was very intentional with her artwork.


This picture is special for 2 reasons:
(1) Lindsay Bailes gave me that apron
when I turned 16
(2) This was the first day that I had gotten
dressed in a week!

I was a little over-anxious about finally being productive. 
I over-commited to baking and regretted it!
These are chocolate cupcakes with beet-root :)

She has been such a good and patient girl. 
We've painted, colored, dressed up, read books,
danced, took long steam-baths, took naps,
and watched a lot of Planet Earth. :)


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