Snow Day!

Today has been a day of staying indoors and looking out windows.  We can see a main road outside the house and its been interesting to watch the cars driving carefully past, or not so carefully and then spinning out.  My husband and I sat for 10 minutes this morning and watched a rock get slowly covered with snow and then disappear. 

But, while grown-ups may be content to sip coffee and watch things get buried, 2 year olds are not so easily satisfied!  For them there are forts.  (And luckily, engineer-minded Daddys who like to build forts!)
waiting patiently...

It's ready! Get everyone!!

So while Annika has entertained herself and all her babies in the forts, my husband has read books and done our taxes and I have cleaned house and organized home videos.  And I've facebooked..... a lot.  We already know tomorrow is another snow day, so maybe I'll pretend the electricity has gone out and just watch movies all day.  (Wait, does that make sense?)

It really has made for a beautiful day though, the big living room windows gave us such a pretty view of the yard and trees outside, as well as the sliding neighbors. 

Our snow day will end nicely too, since its supposed to drop to -7 tonight we've decided to put Annika in our bed.  So, that will be fun... for at least the first 30 minutes!


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